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4 Landing Page Conversion Tips

2014-03-03 0

How are your Landing Pages performing? Are you converting your website visits effectively? If your landing page conversion rate is lower than the industry standard 4.8% then its time to revisit the copy and design of your landing page. 1. Keep important elements above the fold — Make sure you keep your form above the fold of […]

Top 9 Reasons to Personalize Content in Your Marketing Campaigns

2013-01-28 0

Excerpts and summary of article posted by Corey Eridon More than 60% of shoppers say they find it appealing when an online store remembers their personal and payment information to speed up a purchase, according to Capgemini. Some marketers have caught on to the personalization trend, but not everyone. Research from Econsultancy, in fact, shows a wide gap […]