Company Juice Complete Site Package
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The Company Juice team of web developers, analysts, and marketing managers have continually studied the click patterns of millions of unique site visitors. As a team, we’ve realized that the best way to increase traffic and capture more leads on any real estate website is to focus on and produce unique hyper-local area content. Together with the know-how of managing social media marketing campaigns and a satisfying website experience, we can proactively demonstrate an expertise and value in their focused area.

Custom Content, Unique Identity, Positive Delivery.

When you sign up with a “Complete” Juice Package, you will get the best these online marketing strategies can offer. You get a custom, unique website with the leading features in the real estate industry, all on the best content management system, WordPress!

Always Analyzing, Always Improving.

We are constantly updating your site and adding new features. We assure that the technology running your business’s website continues to be the best, no matter what changes in search engine algorithms, browser features, and social media network trends.

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  • Agent Juice Complete monthly plan

  • SEO-friendly Landing Pages
  • Property Listing Pages
  • Neighborhood Data Reports
  • Hyper-Local Community Pages
  • Automatic Backups & Instant Restores
  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • Automatic Platform Updates
  • Automatic Plugin Updates
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • $49 / mo

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