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The Best Reasons to Blog

  • Blogging makes you think- Writing encourages new thoughts.  New thoughts generate the desire to gather information and data.  Sharing that data through blogging enlarges your audience, thus expanding your market and networking community.  Write it out!  The more you blog the easier it gets.
  • Stand out from the crowd- Creating your own brand and marketing through original blogging sets you apart from the crowd.
  • Blogs enable feedback- Your network associates read your blogs and they comment.  Comments often contain valuable, constructive feedback on your ideas and allow you to run your ideas through others, clean up the bugs and allow you to portray your opinion to your clients in a more concise, easy to understand format.
  • Blogs generate traffic- A well-read blog brings more traffic to your project than any business card or plainly styled web site.  Well-written blogs receive traffic from competitors, clients, co-workers, and prospects.  Traffic generates more traffic.  More traffic expands your community.
  • Blogs show expertise– How so?  With pages and pages of posts and comments on what is currently going on in your networking community helps show authority.  It shows you have studied, researched, asked questions, listened to feedback, and shared your knowledge base.  Blogging shows you know your stuff.
  • Positive comments create validation- Prospective clients or audience members can see your attributes through another’s eyes.  It is one thing to take your word on your greatness and an altogether different perspective when seen from a third party’s eyes.  If others agree on your qualities, your prospective partners/clients are more inclined to seek your business or advice.
  • Up to the minute information- Blogging allows your audience to subscribe and receive your up to the minute, valuable information.  This makes you a relevant resource to your prospective clients or community.